Claims Consulting

Who has time to handle an insurance claim?

We do. Let us assist you in the negotiation of your claim. We’ll use our experience and network of experts to establish a fair insurance settlement. We understand the psychology of the claim, and we work overtime to make sure that every last detail is addressed completely making sure you recover what your entitled to. Our record speaks for itself when it comes to making sure that you are paid what you are owned in a timely manner. Fees for this service are paid by the policyholder from settlement funds based on actual results.

When dealing with disaster and insurance you will likely need professional help. For whatever reason, policy holders have lacked formal understanding of what an insurance claim is and how it is processed. They are unaware of the duties that both the insured and policy holder have agreed to. A public adjuster is an adjuster who is licensed to only work for the owner, not the insurer. Staff and independent adjusters are the adjusters licensed by the state to only assist insurance companies. The public adjuster fees are paid by the policy holder and is not reimbursable as a claim expense. 

Because insurance companies deal with claims every day, the average consumer is greatly disadvantaged. A public adjuster is a person who specializes in assisting policy holders through the claims process, educating and explaining the duties that each party has agreed to in the insurance contract. Not all public adjusters are of good moral character. Like in all other industries fraudulent misrepresentations and low moral standards should incline policy holders to confirm licensing with the state insurance commissioner. You should investigate local references of the public adjuster; checking for their experiences, performances and overall results. The Claims Consulting & Contracting network of experts include reputable licensed public adjusters who care about helping its clients recover. Call 1-866-658-8665 to arrange time for FREE counseling with a local public adjuster, to get some good advice and to see if a public adjuster is right for you.


Did you know before you hire a lawyer you must still comply with the terms of your insurance policy?  In circumstances where your insurer agrees to pay you for damages after a loss but are in disagreement with the amount paid, your policy provides an alternative. This helps avoid the cost and time associated with lawyers and lawsuits. It's known as the “Appraisal” provision.  This provision is designed to settle disputes of value, not coverage.

Appraisal is a tool intended to limit lawsuits. Appraisal is a form of binding arbitration amongst a three party panel consisting of two neutral and disinterested parties and a referee known as an umpire. Each party is required to hire at their own expenses a competent person who produces a damage and cost analysis. The umpire is merely a third person who both appraisers agree is fair and competent to hear out any issue the two appraiser disagree on and render a final agreement. The appraisal requires two out of three signature to consummate a settlement. If the umpire is used his fee is split between you and your insured. You generally only need a lawyer if your claim was denied or you need more time to negotiate as you reach the statutory limits idled by the state your in. This process is much faster and more cost effective than litigation. Many times random lawyers who don’t specialize in property casualty law cause more problems or settle for less money because they haven’t grasped the seriousness of your loss. You can read more about the appraisal provision in the back of your policy by the paragraph labeled “suit against” us marked in bold print. Claims Consulting and Contracting is qualified to serve as an appraiser and umpire in any claim, in any state. Our services are recognized and approved by the insurance commissioner. 

Contact Claims Consulting and Contracting today for professional assistance in filing your claim, getting the compensation you deserve, and restoring your property and belongings to their pre-loss condition. Our expert team of restoration and renovation contractors, public adjusters, insurance experts, and loss professionals can help you on your road to recovery.