Water Mitigation

As a full-service disaster management company, we are equipped to handle 100% of your recovery, including mitigation, contents processing, remodeling or rebuilding, temporary housing, and claim counseling.

Our training goes as far as dealing with the complications associated with mortgage companies. Our pre-storm contracts offer maximum protection before disaster strikes and guarantee that you’ll be the first to receive emergency services following a catastrophic event.


It is your responsibility as the policyholder to mitigate the damage to your property and to secure it from further harm. This may include board-ups, tarps, water extraction, and/or mold remediation. Your insurer undoubtedly has preferred vendors for these services, but accountability can become an issue if/when substandard work occurs because of the cozy relationship between insurer and vendor. You’re always better off going with your own experts, especially since it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s done right – the first time. Fees for this service are billed to the insurer.

Temporary Housing:

If your property is deemed unlivable, you will need to find temporary housing. Again, preferred vendors or referrals from your insurance company automatically put you at a disadvantage, as the vendor has a vested interest in keeping costs down for the insurance company. Our in-house temporary housing department works with the top local real estate and property management professionals to find a home fitting of what you’re entitled to: like kind and quality. We only work for you, never the insurance company. Fees for this service are billed to the insurer.

Mold Remediation:

Any property that has been exposed to water can quickly become infested with harmful mold, even in as little as 48 hours. It’s important to address mold problems immediately, as mold can lead to health problems, structural damage, odors, and other an overall devaluation of your property. Before mold remediation can begin, all water and moisture in the home must be addressed, or mold is liable to return.

Our network of disaster recovery specialists can provide fast, efficient mold remediation services that can protect the integrity of your property and prevent future mold growth. We also provide mold removal that meets all safety and health regulatory guidelines.

Contact Claims Consulting and Contracting today for professional assistance in filing your claim, getting the compensation you deserve, and restoring your property and belongings to their pre-loss condition. Our expert team of restoration and renovation contractors, public adjusters, insurance experts, and loss professionals can help you on your road to recovery.