These are a few testimonials from our customers:

"After speaking with Anthony, I decided it would be a good idea to share my story and how Anthony helped my recovery immensely. I suffered a kitchen fire and was offered $13,000 for my recovery, being placed in a small hotel for a short time before Liberty Mutual tried to force me back into the heavy ashen house with no kitchen. During this period, my insurance company was suggesting that I use one of the vendors that they were familiar with, while at the same time not having any of my family’s interests in mind—they were just trying to collect on my insurance money. Then Anthony and his company were introduced to me and they helped me recover just about $93,000, which was more than I could have ever imagined. With the help of Anthony and his office staff, I was able to understand more clearly what options I had and I was able to make more definitive answers knowing that I was using a company who cared about my family and our recovery. All I wanted was what my insurance company promised in our policy and Anthony helped us secure that, which is why I tell everybody I know the blessing he was to my family and me."

- Sheila Edmond – New Orleans, LA

"As a St. Charles volunteer firefighter, I had made a career choice to help and serve my community for their enrichment, yet my insurance company, Citizen’s, still felt the need to give me the run-around. I had a major fire at my home and the insurance company suggested that I repair the home; having worked in home remodeling off and on throughout the years, I just couldn’t figure out how the insurance adjustor expected me to repair a home that was later deemed a total loss. After hiring Anthony, we were able to take our claim payment from $96,000 to $196,000, or in other words, we received policy limits. After working with Anthony, I realized that the insurance company’s offer was just that—an offer. And despite me as a contractor saying the same things to the insurance company that Anthony did, he and his team of insurance experts is what got the job done in a timely manner. Also, to show Anthony’s good character, he even helped us through handling our contents claim at no extra cost. Even though his company offers to do these services, he encouraged us to do these things on our own so that we could keep more of the recovery money. For nothing more, I tell people that I see on the job to at least listen to what Anthony has to say; his free consultation is what added $100,000 to my recovery. We will always remember and cherish the help and relief we found working with Claims Consulting & Contracting."

- Shawn Stinnett – Des Allemands, LA

"As a fire captain in New Orleans, I see fires every day that I am on the job, and I hope that these disaster-stricken people do not experience what I had to go through after my fire. My fire was not terribly disastrous, but anytime you have to deal with your insurance company, the thought is discouraging. State Farm came out and of course offered me what seemed to be a low amount of money, but I trusted that my insurance company was looking out for me and let it continue. I then had the misfortune of hiring a crooked contractor, which added to the unnecessary stress my fire caused me. When Anthony found me, I had paid for repairs out of my own pocket, even though I had a good insurance policy. After all that had occurred in such a short time after my fire, I had a tough time trusting Anthony and his attitude that he could work the insurance claim to come out in my favor. I followed Anthony and his work closely and can’t put words to the difference that working with an insurance loss specialist makes. State Farm initially offered me $29,000 for the fire damage on my home and never mentioned that I would be wise to make a contents claim. Anthony then became involved and showed me that what I was told had no value (my contents,) was actually worth about $30,000. His team came to my house and inventoried my belongings, which then made my insurance company issue payment to repurchase what I had that was either destroyed or damaged by the fire. After the claim was finished, I was able to settle my claim for $62,000 on my structure claim and $30,000 on my contents claim, which amounted to over $90,000 dollars total in recovery. I now understand that when dealing with an insurance claim, I can either do it myself with blind luck or I can hire a professional such as Anthony; I will hire a professional from now on. The fee charged was minimal compared to my recovery, and I will always refer people I come across to Anthony not to help him or his company, but to help the individuals within my community."

- Ross Hennessy – New Orleans, LA

"After suffering a fire to my home, I went through a very confusing insurance claim that saw me come up with my own money to finish repair work on the house and also being asked to return some of the insurance money I was given as an advance. After meeting with Anthony for the free consultation he had offered over the phone, he explained that there was a part of every insurance claim called “appraisal.” I then hired him to be my appraiser. Originally, my insurance company offered me a little over $7,000 on building damages and nothing for my damaged contents. Then, on top of such a low offer, my insurance company told me to hire a furniture cleaning company—which I hired—that ended up stealing contents out of my house while claiming to clean it. When Anthony was finished, I was able to recover $22,000 in repair money on my structure claim and then $15,000 for the furniture that was damaged during its “cleaning.” My advice would be for people who suffer from disasters to find their own companies and not use vendors recommended by the insurance company. Before Anthony, I knew something wasn’t right with what the insurance company offered me, and after my insurance company’s team handled my claim, I felt robbed and knew I was robbed. With Anthony’s help, I was able to walk away from the claim knowing that I collected on what my insurer owed me. I am confident in Anthony and what he can do for those who have suffered disasters.

-  Al Pellegrin – Houma, LA

"There’s not enough time in the day to tell people about what a wonder Anthony was to my family and me in our time of need. Our fire was devastating enough that Anthony told us he believed his company would not be needed for any part of the building claim, ensuring us the insurance company should pay policy limits on the structure claim. His honesty in dealing with my claim was much needed and saved me money that was put towards my recovery. After sitting down with Anthony multiple times at no cost, he helped us understand and collect money on insurance claim benefits like furniture, landscaping, code upgrades and debris removal. Without Anthony, we would have never been able to find these elusive coverages tucked away in our insurance policy. What Anthony’s company did help us with was our contents claim, bringing out a team of professionals to sort through our belongings and making a painstaking task seem almost effortless. They even went through and listed small items like toothpicks, cotton swabs, rubber bands, half-empty bottles of lotion and soap, even nail polish! And all of this was documented through hundreds of pictures that made the payment from the insurance company much more quick and simple. And to add on to all that he had done for us, we were even able to collect on money for a furnished rental home that was as big and nice as the home I owned at the time of the fire. I will always have Anthony’s number for insurance problems in the future and will always be quick to recommend him and his team of professionals."

- Pamela Nagim – Morgan City, LA

"After Hurricane Isaac came and went, a part of my building on Magazine Street in Uptown collapsed, thus prompting the need of an insurance claim. I set up an appointment and let my insurance company’s adjustor come out and inspect the damages left from the storm. Shortly after the storm, while making some general maintenance repairs, I accidentally caught my building on fire with my own heat gun. I was a mess, to say the least, which lead me to hiring Anthony out of the frustration that came from so many low offers. I would never have been able to repair my property with the offers I was receiving. Anthony then showed me that they were only offers and that I had a duty to my insurance company to get estimates from local, credible contractors—I then went ahead and got these estimates with Anthony’s help. After both the fire and storm claim were finished, I had plenty of money to properly finish my repairs on my property. I have his number saved and I know that he treats his clients like family, so I will never hesitate to call. I can now say that I have a good friend in the insurance world who will look out for my well-being and not their own."

- John Sullivan – New Orleans, LA